Potential Volunteers

Thinking about volunteering abroad? Not sure how to start considering your options for meaningful, ethical global service? Here are a few resources to help you find, research, and choose your ideal international volunteer opportunity:

International Volunteerism Resource Center – Idealist.org: This online resource center provides information on topics like the costs and ethics of volunteering abroad, going with a program or on your own, preparing for global service, and transitioning home. You can also search for international volunteer opportunities on their site.

Volunteer Abroad – TransitionsAbroad.com: This site offers several articles on how to volunteer abroad effectively as well as information on organizations and programs that facilitate international service.

International Service – Center for Social Development, Washington University in St Louis: Looking for studies on international volunteering and service? Scholars at Washington University in St Louis are generating some of the most current and comprehensive research in the field.

For additional resources – from blogs to books to courses to websites – check out this list of links on Idealist.org…

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the resources above, please take a moment to learn more about our member organizations, many of which offer international service programs. Click here to view members.